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What is laser treatment for spider veins?

  • A pulse light laser is used to heat the vascular wall causing compression of the vessels.

How many treatments are needed?

  • Usually 3-6 treatments are needed spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

Is laser treatment for spider veins painful?

  • Ice compression before the procedure helps with the discomfort.  Some discomfort is appreciated.  A stinging like sensation is felt with each laser pulsation.

What are the side effects of this procedure?

  • Individual results may vary.  Some may have sub-optimal results.  Swelling and blistering may occur, as well as, hyper-pigmentation are some complications if aggressive laser treatment is performed.

What is the best treatment for spider veins?

  • There is no "best treatment" for spider veins.  Sclerotherapy with injection of the veins seems to be the most effective followed by laser treatment.  Cupping massage to the area and surgical treatment for larger veins is helpful as well.

Can spider veins come back after treatment?

  • Although the treated veins will likely disappear, there is no guarantee that new spider veins will not develop over time.

How much does laser treatment for spider veins cost?

  • Here at Oasis, we are offering our patients below average pricing to make it affordable for everyone to try.  The cost is $150 per session of 15 minutes.

Does insurance cover spider vein treatment?

  • Spider vein treatment is considered to be a cosmetic procedure by most insurance companies and therefore is usually not covered by insurance.

How long does it take for spider veins to disappear?

  • Immediately following treatment, spider veins will be darker and more visible.  You may experience some redness and swelling of the treated area, which should disappear within a few days.  Over 2-6 weeks, your spider veins usually fade.  We recommend 3-6 treatments for optimal results.  One treatment may be sufficient for some individuals.

Can spider veins disappear naturally?

  • Spider veins may be permanent or may disappear on their own after a period of months, especially if they are caused by pregnancy, trauma, or certain medications.

Why do I have spider veins?

  • Many reasons spider veins develop include trauma, sun exposure, hormones, and weak venous valves preventing blood from going back to the heart.

Does cupping help sider veins?

  • Cupping massage does help with spider veins.  Results may vary per individual.

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