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What is sclerotherapy?

  • Sclerotherapy is the treatment of varicose blood vessels and spider veins by the injection of an irritant which causes inflammation, coagulation of blood, and narrowing of the blood vessel wall.

Does sclerotherapy hurt?

  • The gold standard treatment for superficial leg veins is sclerotherapy.  Like with any medical treatment, there may be some discomfort.  Some may find the sclerotherapy injection painful causing a feeling of burning or cramping for a few minutes in the area where the shot was given.

Can you shower after sclerotherapy?

  • A shower is allowed after the first 24 hours.  Hot baths, hot tubs, and saunas should be avoided for 2 weeks after sclerotherapy to avoid venous dilation.

How long does it take for spider veins to disappear after sclerotherapy?

  • In general, spider veins respond to sclerotherapy in 3-6 weeks, and larger veins respond in 3-4 months.  If the veins respond to the treatment, there will not reappear.

How long do I wear compression socks after sclerotherapy?

  • We advise no exercise for 48 hours, then compression sock worn while exercising for 2-3 weeks post-procedure.

What should I avoid after sclerotherapy?

  • For 48 hours after treatment avoid:

    • Hot baths.

    • Hot compresses.

    • Whirlpools or saunas.

    • Direct exposure to sunlight.

What are the side effects of sclerotherapy?

  • Common side effects of sclerotherapy include:

    • bruising

    • stinging

    • swelling.

  • More serious side effects include:

    • allergic reaction to the sclerosing agent

    • ulceration of the skin around the injection site

    • blood clot formation in the treated veins

    • inflammation that is usually mild can cause discomfort around the injection site

How many sessions are needed?

  • Usually appearance is improved by 40% after the first treatment.  It may take 3-6 treatments for optimal results.

What should I do after sclerotherapy?

  • Steps after sclerotherapy:

    • Continuously wear Ace bandages or compression support hose for 48 hours except to shower.

    • Sports after 5 days with compression socks for 2-3 weeks.

    • Avoid hot tubs, saunas, hot baths, and sunbathing for 48 hours.

    • Avoid alcohol 2 days prior and 2 days post-procedure.

Is sclerotherapy covered by insurance?

  • If considered by insurance carrier to by cosmetic, then will likely not be covered.

What is the cost of sclerotherapy?

  • Here at Oasis, our aim is to offer all procedures at affordable prices for our clients.  Our prices are below average nationwide and performed by reputable, exceptionally trained providers.  The cost for a 15 minute session is $150, 30 minute session is $275, and a 1 hour session is $575.

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